Thank you to everyone listed here who has played a part in assisting me with this project.

Andie T, Adrian C, Brian Day, Crusy, Jeff Bankens, Joey, Joel Oswald, Julian Charles, Moriah Hunter, Prin, Sarah Bankens. 

David Crowther: Visit The History of England Podcast

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I plan to update this section as the series continues

2 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. My name is Pride Clayton Joseph (truly)

    I was surprised to find an unbiased narrative of King James the 6th. I live in the Philippines and only studied the KJB for the last day 5 years. I have studied all other versions IE… NIV, RSV, NASB and from my digital app of E-sword I downloaded all the English Bibles I could find just to try and learn which one was the final authority. Over 30+ years as a biblicist and missionary /Evangelist independent and unsupported by any religion.

    I hated the KJB during this time for bad reason. When I entered a Baptist church here in Cagayan De Oro which was my very first KJB only church I have ever been to. I promsed God to read it all in one year, I loved the clarity and became convicted of it’s power. I read it all again the second year and felt the transformation in me and became converted that it is the final authority. I read it all again the third year plus 3 months.

    I am in love with this book and this man. I deeply appreciate what your doing and would like to do what I can to support your work. I have no money to send, I live by faith alone. I am a true biblicist and love teaching and preaching from this book.

    I am a computer and elctronic specialist, professonal trainer from the USA and consultant professional and technical writer. I want no remuneration for my help. I just want to be a blessing to help disseminate the truth of the KJB. my faccebook is pridechicken Joy.

    Keep up your labor of love and may God bless you much and many ways for your work.
    I do have a few comments on this delivery system of media. I am good at power point presentations and using illustrations when I teach. Your material is very rich in knowledge. But I cannot make out some of the words stated and would understand better with a manuscript of your audio.

    I am an intense studier of any material I want to assimilate. And your material I will stay with and absorb and teach as I am given oppertunity to do by God.

    Thank you so very much for making this material freely available. I keep falling in deeper love with this King James man of God. And I am in intimate love with his authorised Bible. My relationship is so much more clearer and intimate that I can feel His words flowing through me and going into the hearers that will give ear to his message.
    Thank you, and Praise the Lord.


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