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  1. GK,

    I’m looking into Thomas Holland to see if I am in his genealogy. Do you have any specific information regarding his family heritage? My family came over to America weeks or months after the Mayflower and several fought in the American Revolution. It’s a rich heritage. I would love to know our history was involved in the KJB translation.


    1. Hi Tim. I looked at McClure and Nicolson and found nothing that will assist with Holland’s genealogy. As an aside, Nicolson states he always finished his sermons with “I commend you to the love of God and to the hatred of all popery and superstition”. I wish you the best in your research. If I come across anything relevant I will let you know.


  2. I’ve tried to subscribe to our podcast link, (outside of iTunes_ and it does not exist. What’s up with that ??? How about a quality RSS feed link outside of apple. Thanks.


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