The Death of James

This episode examines vignettes from the life of King James from the time of the publication of the Bible until his death.

Some topics we look at are; what did Archy the Jester say that made James Cry? Who did Princess Elizabeth marry? Who was Jack and Tom and what was their romantic secret mission?

Another topic I will cover is how James finally visited Scotland for the first time in 14 years.  On his way there he laid hands on a number of sick people for the healing of the kings evil. What was the kings evil?

We will also cover the death of the queen and sadly, we will cover the death of the King.  King James. Who regarded himself as a type of new Solomon, which is where the episode begins. With a comparison between James and Solomon.

George Villiers. The Duke. James’ favourite man.

Download/listen here: Episode 22


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