Bishop Thomas Bilson

In this episode we tackle the final review and editing stages. There were three. Yes, three more stages before the work went to the printers. One of them was not planned. Well not officially. And it was a point of complaint. Oh my.

For added interest we meet the scholar who had to be encouraged by the constabulary to turn up to his work. He complained so loudly about how much work he had to do during the project he was also the only scholar to be paid directly by James. Find out who he was in this exciting episode.

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2 thoughts on “A History of the King James Bible Podcast Episode 20: The Final Editing Stages

  1. You are in my prayers GK. Thank you for all the hard work, research, time, energy, and effort you put into this project.

    I wish I could download these episodes as files so that they will forever be saved to my hard drive for future generations.

    Praise God for the KJB!


    1. Hi Sam. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. You can download and keep every episode. If you are on a PC just right click and save as mp3 from the link on each episode page.

      I hope you are keeping well.

      God bless



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